The Broken Mask 


Artwork with a message makes the best fashion pieces. 


These gorgeous hoops feature a broken mask from Zuri Perle’s Iboju collection. According to the designer, Atinuke Adeleke, one of the reasons she chose to use a broken mask is to represent the tearing down of the mask of racial and systematic inequality in all its forms all over the world. 

“Masks have always played an important role in African tradition and were used on various occasions to capture a person's essence/spirit. This broken mask represents the freeing of the essence/spirit of black excellence," said the designer. 


I’m reminded of Maya Angelou when I look at the broken mask inside these hoops. She spoke about how we wear a mask to hide pain. The face we put on for the world. So when I see this broken mask I see freedom, authenticity, and strength. 


Yes they are earrings, but they are also art. They hold a message. They evoke an emotional response. They’re gorgeous earrings that are both artistic and timely. 

Fifty percent of the profits from the Iboju earrings goes to a non-profit organization named Empower. Empower is a scholarship fund created for students by students. 


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