The Book That Highlights Iconic Black Women In Fashion 


“Supreme Models celebrate the power of black women models not only to inspire and transform attitudes of personal beauty, but also to educate the world about the beauty of our hair, our lips, our hips, and all the glorious shades of black women’s skin, from alabaster to onyx,” said Veronica Webb in the Foreword of Supreme Models. 


Marcellas Reynolds has curated fashion covers and photos of iconic black women in fashion along with some of their stories and struggles in the industry. Most of all what this book does is validate the beauty of black women and black girls. As we flip through the pages, we see ourselves as a symbol of elegance. 


It highlights the importance of dispelling negative narratives about black beauty. Opening a book and being able to see yourself in the pages is impactful. Seeing ourselves represented teaches us self love and that’s important. 

“I always longed to see faces that looked like mine on magazine covers and to have all of these iconic black models in one book is validating our beauty, our magic and our impact,” said Dominique Jean, an Amazon reviewer. 


The women showcased in this book are trailblazers who’ve made the fashion industry more diverse and inclusive. This book holds within its pages the power of representation and visibility. 


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