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These Sculpted Earrings Are Making A Statement  

January 2021

Art is open to the interpretation of the one experiencing it. The “Editorial Scarlett” earrings by jewelry designer Taylor Nikole convey a clear message to me: Fully Own Yourself. 


Nikole creates sculptural earrings with the clear intention of reminding us that we are art. A reminder that is needed. Each pair of earrings are uniquely made, no pair are alike. Nikole says her earrings represent the link between art and fashion. This is why her work immediately resonated with me. I created this magazine with the same purpose of showing the connection between art and fashion and to highlight the creative work of black designers. 


More than that, these earrings remind me to be bold in my work and to not be afraid to share it with the world. Starting a business, creating a product, building a platform all of these things forces us to push through our fears. Creativity is not just visual. It’s also courageous. 


Let’s dive a little bit deeper into the creativity that is the “Editorial Scarlett” earrings. Starting with their size which helps them make a grand statement. To the sculptural design made from polymers clay, which keeps them light as they hang from the ear. The vibrant red color oozes confidence. These statement earrings are speaking loudly and clearly while also being visual reminders for us to showcase our voice. But before we can share our voices, we have to fully own them. 


Many of you who read this magazine are creatives, or have a great appreciation for the fashionable artwork created by designers. Either way, you understand the courage it takes to manifest an idea. There’s nothing simple about creativity. Creativity requires the artist to push through challenges, doubts, and fears. What we are really witnessing is the beauty that was born from Nikole’s courage to create and then share it with the world. My hope is that highlighting her product while also highlighting her courage inspires you. 


Nikole has achieved notable visibility during a pandemic, which is incredible. Her earrings have been featured on Tracee Ellis Ross, Zendaya, and Tabitha Brown to name a few.

You can find out more about Taylor Nikole’s earring collection at, or you can find her on Instagram: @profashional_tay. 



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