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An Artistic Statement: Taylor Nikole Earrings

January 2021

The world needs more art and creativity from the perspective of black women. Black women overflow with culture and inner strength. Art is part of the collective memory of society. Art changes opinions, injects values, and shares experiences. It connects cultures. 


Jewelry designer Taylor Nikole’s work has been described as “wearable art,” and I have to say that I wholeheartedly agree. I’m obviously in love with her work being that her work is featured twice in this issue. I don’t think it's hard to imagine why I would want to feature her work more than once. As a photographer and the creator of this magazine, I’m always in search of products that are eye-catching and intriguing. Nikole’s collection of earrings are made to be photographed in my opinion. 


The “Royalty” earrings have been formed into a distinctive shape. The size
(like the “Editorial Scarlett” earrings also featured in this issue) makes them stand out all the more. The curved lines give them a smooth appearance while the blue color gives them a sort of laid back vibe. These sculptural statement earrings are definitely attention grabbers. 


Nikole used shape, color, and  texture to create these handmade pieces. What I love the most about these bold earrings is that they were not created to be perfectly shaped into the designated form. Each pair differs slightly, and were created to be unique. No two earrings are the same. This gives them an authentic feel. 


You add your voice into the mix through your artistic work. Your ideas deserve a chance to come alive. Whether they flourish or fail, the courage it took to create it makes it an automatic win. Share your work with the world. Give yourself the chance to make an impact on society and create connections. 


You can find Taylor Nikole’s earrings at, and you can follow her on instagram @profashional_tay.


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