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Red Lipstick's Connection to Inner Power

Red lips communicate power without saying a word.

Our world has been turned upside down this year. But small things still have a way of bringing us joy (and joy is power)like painting our lips red and singing our favorite song in the mirror. With things slowly getting back to normal, we may start gravitating more towards style than comfort, or looking for ways to merge the two. After months of being at home, we may want to do something extra to spruce up our look (even if we don't have anywhere to go). Red lipstick is one of the most powerful makeup items. It symbolizes strength.

Who can forget the powerful red lips emphasized by stage lights during Erykah Badu's performance on the 2018 Soul Train Awards. Deep dark shadows from the




brim of her hat hid her eyes, and the light fell directly on her red stained lips. There's no denying Badu's ability to hold space and inspire us to hold ours, and her red lips were a nice touch.  

And what about H.E.R's red coated lips in her intimate performance on NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert. With her eyes concealed by dark sunglasses, she serenaded us with her soulful voice. 

The Lip Bar

Melissa Butler, the creator of The Lip Bar, says a pop of color on the lips can give you the confidence to take on the day. "Cosmo" is a red lipstick that is part of The Lip Bar’s cosmetics line. A cosmetics company whose products are not filled with chemicals, and are both vegan and cruelty free. Butler started the company in her kitchen because she refused to yield to the beauty standards pushed in mainstream media. Butler’s goal is to remind women we are beautiful the way we are. 


Red lips act as a reminder of the authority we have to own our beauty, and to bring forth the power that we have inside. With everything happening in the world and navigating our own personal worlds, we could use small reminders to pull our minds away from the chaos and towards our inner power, confidence and passion to help keep us going. 

We paint our lips red then we press them together a couple times to make sure our coverage is on point. As we admire our beauty in the mirror, we tilt our heads, fluff  our hair, while working the mess out of that red lip. You know--as we pose for the imaginary cameras.


But what we love most about it is how it reflects our inner power. How we stand up a little straighter and walk with a little more purpose. We’re reminded that we can create our own peace, define success for ourselves, and do whatever else we want to do. Red lipstick has a way of going beyond just something we put on our lips. It can be the boost that sparks our inner power on the days we need it. 




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