• Victoria Reed

3 Reasons Not To Look For Validation From People

It's disappointing to share your dreams with someone, and it’s met with a dose of negativity. Am I right?

You're excited about a new idea, opportunity or project. You share your excitement with someone else and BOOM… allow their negativity to steal your joy. Nine people told you it was great, but you let that one unsupportive person overpower your mood. 

You will NEVER be able to please everyone. Trying to please people is a losing situation.

Here’s a hard truth I had to tell myself, and now I’m telling you:

Deep down you want to earn people’s approval. That’s about you not them. The only person you have the power to control is yourself.

So, here’s three reasons why you shouldn’t look for validation from other people: 


What you see as negativity from someone could be a result of conditioned thinking. Our minds are conditioned by our experiences, environment and emotions. It’s possible they don’t have the ability to see beyond what they know. Don’t adopt another person’s fears. 


You're already enough. You don’t need anyone to confirm it. You have everything you need inside of you. Nothing outside of you can make you feel whole. Wholeness comes from within. So instead of looking for validation, do the work of realizing you are enough. 


You can’t be yourself AND care about what people think about you. If you’re concerned with getting approval, you will hold yourself back to please someone else. Which puts you in a pattern of playing it safe. 

As a result, your dreams can’t become your reality. What you’re meant to contribute to the world requires you to BE YOU to the fullest. 

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