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The Bag You Didn't Know You Needed

April 2021


When it’s raining, style is one of the first things we ditch. I can think of many rainy days where I would use my jacket to shield my handbag from the rushing droplets before my bag and it’s contents ended up soaking wet. The Luminoni handbag has come to save style from a rainy day with it’s sleek and practical design. This is the bag you didn’t know you needed. 


The Luminoni bag was designed by Stephanie Cade, founder of Paratote New York. Cade says, she put a lot of thought into the design of this bag. She thought it would be a good idea to have a bag with an umbrella. 


“The shine on it pops even if it's raining and storming,” Cade says. “The colors are real simple red, black, and white--which pair well with almost anything.” 


The umbrella slot is positioned on the outside of the bag for quick retrieval. The materials were purposely chosen to keep the bag, and what's in it, dry on a rainy day. 


Cade spoke about her struggles with gaining visibility for her product. Visibility is a common struggle for many black designers. 


“I struggle with really getting my bag kinda recognized. Once you see it, you know it’s great--but I struggle with really getting it out there in a way that makes you realize that you need it,” Cade said. 


Cade says, once women experience the Luminoni bag and the other sleek weather-friendly bags offered by Paratote New York--they'll realize it's something they can really use.  


When asked about the creative process, Cade says having a concept, designing it, then bringing it to life is rewarding. Cade’s response resonates deeply with many creatives, including myself. 


The Luminoni bag fits perfectly and practically into everyday life without sacrificing style. 


You can find the Luminoni bag at 

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