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A Good Reason To Reconsider Pearls 

November 1, 2020

Pearls are undeniably elegant and classic, but to some they may be perceived as old-fashioned. Whether you’ve always loved the simplicity of pearl earrings or you’ve placed them in the “outdated” category--these modern pearl earrings by Mateo New York will have you looking at pearls in a new way. 


Mateo has managed to maintain the classic beauty of pearls while incorporating modern designs, which makes his approach to pearls intriguing. These “Duality Pearl Drop Earrings” are mouth droppingly beautiful. 


What makes these earrings captivating is the modern texture that dangles from your earlobe. While the stud of the earring remains traditional, the textured drop portion is what makes these pearls relevant. Its design is unexpected, and a beautiful surprise to say the least. 


Fanciful and adorned are the words that describe how I felt the first time I wore these pearls. So much so that, I plan to pass them down to my daughter for her to pass down to her daughter one day.


So if you’re a lover of pearls or have written pearls off completely, Mateo New York has given us all a reason to take a look at what happens when tradition and creativity meet. 

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