Say Hello to Fall With Distinctive Shapes

Shape is one of the most visual elements of any look. 

I must admit: I approach fashion the same way I would approach a painting or a sculpture. I’m drawn to shapes, colors, composition and the overall design of art and fashion pieces. Paying attention to how these elements connect, and how it makes me feel. The most intriguing part about art is that it connects us to our senses, body, and mind. It allows us to feel the world and inspires us to take action. When art and fashion collide, it becomes personal creative expression. 


When we’re looking for ways to elevate our wardrobe, the element of shape can be a great place to start. Using the familiarity of 


As the smothering heat of summer slowly moves to the rear, fall fashion is inching its way to the front - and this shapely handbag is definitely on my radar to be paired with trench coats, sheath dresses, and sweaters. 


Voni handbags are made from beautiful vegan leather, and they’re cruelty free. “We believe in intentional fashion that doesn’t create a global footprint,” says the Voni Los Angeles website.

shapes to set a tone, or create a mood. The circle “Nyomi” bag by Voni Los Angeles can be just the piece for the job. And thankfully, it comes in five colors, yale (shown in photos), cream, saddle, maroon, and olive - so we got options. 

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