This Sunglass Style Is Perfect For Cooling Temperatures 

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Retro sunglasses are a win for the fall season both in style and protection. From its color blocking style to the geometric shape these sunglasses by 3rd Eye View are a great accessory to almost any look. 


There’s no need to tuck away your sunglasses with your summer wardrobe. Although the  temperature is dropping, the sun is still shining. Sunglasses pair perfectly with trench coats and boots too. 


Eyecare experts recommend you continue to wear sunglasses even in the cool seasons. 


“Wear sunglasses to shield and block out irritants and certain allergens that drift in the autumn air,” according to Regional Eyecare. 


If you needed an excuse to keep sporting your stylish frames, there you go. 


The “Ye-Yo” sunglasses are both stylish and sturdy, and they come in four different colors: Cream cheese (as shown), black, tortoise, and woodgrain. It’s worth noting that cream cheese is the only pair that features the color blocking style. 


To get a pair and check out more styles for 3rd Eye View, click the “shop now” button below.




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