As we come to the end of 2020, Victoria Reed magazine is coming to the end of its first quarter. 


During this time my mission has become clearer, and my approach will continue to be more refined as the magazine grows. 


Being a former fashion designer myself, I understand the creativity, thought process, and hard work that goes into taking an idea and turning it into a product.

I also understand that many fashion brands create pieces that go beyond fashion by also carrying a message--like Brandon Blackwood’s “End Systematic Racism” handbag, and Zuri Perle Iboju collection that features a broken mask that represents “the tearing down of the mask of racial and systematic inequality in all its forms all over the world.”


Many black designers feel overlooked, they feel like they have to work twice as hard to gain visibility and recognition for their work. This magazine is my way of using photography, articles, and web videos to add to their visibility. 


Fashion photography and writing is communication between a designer’s product and the community. 


It’s my great pleasure to highlight the artwork of these fashion brands. I’m thankful for the designers I’ve had the honor of working with and highlighting during this first quarter.


Thank you to everyone who has supported Victoria Reed magazine.


With love, 

Victoria Reed 


Email: victoria@victoriareed.com

Instagram: @victoriareedmagazine 




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